5 totes we totes love

Invented in the 1940s as a way to carry ice around (really), the tote bag has become a mainstay accessory. From the freebies you’re handed to the ones you choose to own, totes transcend age, class and cultural lines.

If you happen to be on the hunt for a new bag, take a look at our picks below. We’ve tried and tested these five to make sure they’re sturdy enough for day-to-day use.

1. Opening Ceremony’s Quilted Tote

Opening Ceremony’s Quilted Chinatown Tote doubles as a work bag as it easily fits a laptop. It’s made of a lightweight nylon with synthetic padding and a zip-top closure, but our favourite parts are the squishy padded handles, and the fact it uses synthetic padding instead of down.

The Quilted Chinatown Tote
Buy online at Opening Ceremony

2. Baggu’s Standard Re-usable Bag

Not exactly a tote, but it’s tote-adjacent. Purchase this metallic lavender bag to wear non-ironically against your outfit of emergent designers. Baggu’s ‘Standard’ re-usable bag comes in 50 colours, holds up to 30lbs, and rolls up into a little packet for storage.

The Standard Baggu
Buy Online at Baggu

3. Pull & Bear’s NASA Tote

A classic tote made of 100% cotton with an open top.

Buy online at Pull & Bear

4. Opening Ceremony’s Chinatown Tote

OC’s iteration of the classic Chinatown Tote will let everyone know you’re super casual and down to earth, even though you bulk-order the City Exclusives and your dog’s food is more expensive than yours. With sturdy vinyl construction, the medium tote fits a small laptop, and has a proper zip closure.

The Classic Chinatown Tote
Buy online at SSENSE

5. Mont St. Michel’s Dog Tote

Perfect for Francophiles, including the ones who’ve never been to France.

Designed for Mont St. Michel by Bent Van Looy, this delightful dachshund bag is made from heavy-duty cotton. While it doesn’t have a zip, it is certainly big enough for work stuff or workout gear. Made of 100% cotton with an open top.

The Dog Tote
Buy online at Le Mont St. Michel

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